5 minutes with Jonny Hamblin

Jonny & Silver

Jonny Hamblin has been running The Brewery Tap in Sudbury for 5 years.

It seemed a good opportunity to catch up with him, and Silver of course.

Tell us about your time in hospitality?

I’ve spent about ten years altogether in hospitality. I started at The Mill Hotel, then the Tavern and the White Horse for a couple of years and then my first posting as the landlord here.

What was it like when you arrived?

Well, the cellar was in such a state that I had to have it ripped out and a new one put in. The reputation of the pub wasn’t great so it took a few years to build back up. There were people who would come in here who wouldn’t drink anything from any of the hand pumps. They would only drink beer from the tap room, knowing that there’s nothing that can go wrong there. It was a bit of an old man’s pub when I came which isn’t the best business model.

Tell us about the place?

It’s an old style of pub which are few and far between now. We’ve got a brilliant core of regulars with a wide range of ages and of course like all good pubs everyone has an opinion. We have all the old traditional pub games, darts, cribbage, bar billiards. Great beer. What else is there?

So what about the music at The Brewery Tap?

Well that’s all down to Jason really on the first Sunday of every month everyone gets a half hour slot and everyone’s local. We had Phoebe Austin playing here a few years ago. Gabby Rivers as well and she’s played Latitude and won Bury Sound in 2019.

What Jason does is brilliant. He’s finding local talent and they keep coming back. They don’t get too big for their boots once they’ve been on Radio Suffolk and don’t ever come back, they like to play where they started out.

If you were on a desert island, what three everlasting beers would you take with you?

Okay. That’s a question. I’d pick Silver Adder. I love that beer and my dog’s named after it. Youngs London Special and Yakima Gold, yes those three.

And what would you be listening to?

I’d be listening to Absolute Radio 90s.

Cheers Jonny, here’s to the next five years.