Welcome to The Brewery Tap

About The Brewery Tap

Welcome to The Brewery Tap! A Real Ale pub and home to Mauldons Brewery beer, that has been brewing fine Suffolk ales since 1795.

A note from Mauldons Brewery

Located on the Chilton estate on the outskirts of town, the brewery is a fantastic place to visit if you are enthusiastic about real ale. Our head brewer, Steve Birch, has been with us for 37 years and is always willing to share his knowledge. The brewery shop and tap room are currently undergoing renovations, with plans to re-open fully in March 2021. Visitors are still more than welcome (just please be aware that we are not taking bookings for formal brewery tours at this time). We would love for you to come and learn about our traditional brewing processes and staggering company heritage that goes back well over 200 years!